Dent Blanche Dental & Liz Elting's Networking Event - An Event to Remember

In a remarkable celebration of empowerment, networking, and literary inspiration, Dent Blanche Dental, the practice of esteemed Cosmetic Celebrity Dentist Dr. Radwa Saad, played host to an exclusive Women Empowering & Networking Event. The evening, dedicated to honoring one of the most influential women in the world, Liz Elting, drew a star-studded crowd that included luminaries from various fields.

Dr. Radwa Saad, recognized for her commitment to both dentistry and women's empowerment, orchestrated an unforgettable event that brought together influential figures such as world-renowned AI expert Prof Dr. Ahmed Elgammal, Mr. Sam Eldessouky, CFO of Bausch and Lomb, Mrs. Continental 2024 beauty queen and realtor Raychelle Goins, Olympic athlete, wrestler, and Princeton University coach Nate Jackson, and Springdale Golf Club President Erin Hamrick. The event also welcomed numerous local business owners and friends of Dent Blanche Dental.

The highlight of the evening was the celebration of Liz Elting, an influential woman known for her achievements in business and her advocacy for women's empowerment. The event provided a platform for attendees to network, share experiences, and gain insights from Liz Elting's latest best-selling book, "Dream Big and Win."

Dent Blanche Dental and Liz Elting Networking Event 2024
Liz Elting and Dr. Radwa Saad Dent Blanche Dental Jan 2024
Liz Elting Book Signing Dent Blanche Dental 2024

The book signing session was a unique opportunity for guests to interact with Liz Elting, receiving personalized copies of her motivational book that has resonated with readers worldwide. Dr. Radwa Saad expressed her excitement about hosting such a meaningful event, saying, "It's a privilege to celebrate the accomplishments of someone as inspiring as Liz Elting. This event is a testament to the power of women coming together to support and uplift each other."

World-renowned AI expert Prof Dr. Ahmed Elgammal praised the event's focus on women's empowerment, stating, "Events like these are crucial for highlighting the achievements of influential women and inspiring the next generation to dream big and achieve their goals."

Mr. Sam Eldessouky, CFO of Bausch and Lomb, emphasized the importance of supporting initiatives that empower women in various fields. "It's heartening to see businesses like Dent Blanche Dental taking the lead in creating spaces for meaningful conversations and connections. This event is a testament to the positive impact that empowered women can have on society," he remarked.

The diverse and accomplished guest list, including an Olympic athlete, a beauty queen, and business leaders, created an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared inspiration. The Women Empowering Event at Dent Blanche Dental not only celebrated Liz Elting's remarkable journey but also fostered connections and collaborations among attendees from different walks of life.

The success of the event reaffirms Dent Blanche Dental's commitment to empowering women and creating a community that champions success, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams.

Liz Elting and Dr. Radwa Saad Dent Blanche Dental Staff at Networking Event in Princeton NJ 2024
Liz Elting at Dent Blanche Dental 2024

About Liz Elting

Liz Elting, Founder and CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation, is an entrepreneur, business leader, bestselling author, linguaphile, philanthropist, feminist, and mother. After living, studying, and working in five countries across the globe, Liz founded TransPerfect out of an NYU dorm room in 1992 and served as Co-CEO until 2018. 

TransPerfect is the world's largest language solutions company, with over $1.1 billion in revenue and offices in more than 100 cities worldwide. Liz received the 2019 Charles Waldo Haskins Award for business and public service from NYU’s Stern School of Business, the American Heart Association’s 2020 Health Equity Leadership Award, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs’ 2021 Vertex Award for changing the face and direction of women’s high-growth entrepreneurship, the American Heart Association’s 2022 Woman Changing the World Award, Trinity College’s 2022 Kathleen O’Connor Boelhouwer ’85 Alumni Initiative Award, and the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation’s 2023 Angel of Hope Award. 

Liz has been recognized as a NOW Woman of Power & Influence, American Express' and Entrepreneur magazine's Woman of the Year, and one of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women every year since the list’s inception. Elting is the bestselling author of Dream Big and Win: Translating Passion into Purpose and Creating a Billion-Dollar Business.

Liz Elting Networking Event at Dent Blanche Dental 2024
Liz Elting Book Signing Event at Dent Blanche Dental Princeton NJ 2024

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