In this weekly episode, we are interviewing Ms. Tabetha Magnuszewski, who is the Senior Manager of Education and Professional Services at Ivoclar which is one of the leadoing dental companies in the world.Tabetha is also a registered dental hygienist.

In this episode, we will learn about the recent innovations and products to ensure you have a healthy oral hygiene.

  • What are the materials to prevent gum diseases?
  • What is the science behind these materials?
  • what to use to minimize the sensitivity around your teeth?
  • How often we should use these products?
  • Where are they available?
  • Can these materials prevent gum diseases AND cavities at the same time?
  • New Whitening products? are they safe as well as efficient?
  • How many shades can your teeth get whiter?

This is a very interesting episode with a lot of infomation.

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