In this new episode of the Wonder Tooth Podcast, we are going to discuss one of the most prominent dental problems: Bad Breath

  • How can you find out you have Bad Breath?

Learn different techniques to find out if you have Bad Breath

  • Causes of Bad Breath: Number one cause is an imbalance in your bacteria, whether in your oral cavity or in your body in general.
  • This could be attributed to certain factors such as :

a- Dry Mouth

b- Gingival and Periodontal diseases

c- Cavities in your teeth

d- Commercial Mouthwash overuse

e- Poor Oral Hygiene

f- An infection: Sinus problems, Throat infection or an Ear infection.

g- certain foods

Different methods I recommend to get rid of Bad Breath:

1- Proper brushing and flossing using a string not the stick

2- Use of Water pik in conjunction with flossing, not replacing flossing

3- Tongue scraping daily

4- Use of Warm salt water as a mouth rinse

5- Treat any infections such as Gingivitis, periodontal diseases or cavities

6- Take Prebiotics, probiotics, and food rich in probiotics such as yoghurt

7- eat fermented food as Kefir, Saurkraut ..etc

8- Get regular check ups and cleanings

9- Eat Healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables

10- Stay hydrated all the time

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