In this episode of the” Wonder Tooth Podcast”, we are proud to interview “Gil Villavecer” One of the owners of the luxury Dental laboratory “Frontier Dental lab” who is behind “Cardi B” famous smile transformation as well as other celebrities.

He is also the Head Judge of a beauty pageant known as Cosmos pageant nationwide and internationally.

In this unique episode, we dive into the world of beauty and Smiles.

  • The reasons behind Mr. Villavecer joining the dental field?
  • How long he has been working in the dental field?
  • What was the main reasons he became the head judge of a beauty pageant?
  • What are the judges looking for to select beauty candidates?
  • Is your smile part of your beauty pageant requirements?
  • As an owner of a dental lab working with celebrities, what separates ” Frontier Dental labs” from other labs?
  • Which other celebrities are wearing “Frontier Smile”?
  • How can you find a “Frontier Dentist” worldwide?
  • Your experience at our office at “Dent Blanche Dental” in Princeton, NJ?

To connect with Mr. Villavecer:

Email :

Instagram @gil_frontierdental

Phone # 714-930-6903

if you have any questions or looking for a consultation or a second opinion, please reach us at

Instagram: @radwasaad_dmd


Dent Blanche Dental

3640 Lawrenceville Rd, Princeton, NJ, 08540

Office# 609-890-1888

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