This is Dr. Saad in a new weekly episode, um, about education for, um, dental care and how we take care of ourselves and our teeth. Today’s episode is gonna be really about self-care and, um, how teeth can be, um, It’s part of taking care of yourself, taking care of them, and brushing and flossing, but also it’s part of the bigger picture, which is your face and your skin in general.

And today, this is gonna be our episode about how to take care of your teeth. Plus your skin and your beauty and keep, you know, your skin in a really good condition. And we are gonna talk today, uh, with, uh, Miriam. Hey Miriam, how are you doing today? Hi Dr. Sa. I’m doing great. How are you? Very good. I’m doing great.

Uh, so Miriam is known as Dear Doll Makeup and she is actually, she studied, um, beauty and aesthetics and she’s gonna talk to us about that.

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