Hello there and Welcome to the “Wonder Tooth” Podcast with Dr. Saad.

We’ll have weekly episodes, I hope you’re ready for a great show.

I hope you are keeping well and safe and that you are having your best year ever!

I’m Dr. Saad, the founder of ” Dent Blanche Dental”, the best luxury dental spa in the US and I will be your host.

I will take you to the secrets and wonders of having an incredible smile as well as healthy teeth and overall health.

On this podcast, I will give you some tips to make sure our podcast and your smile is rocking and rolling.

Let’s go baby!

    6 replies to "Welcome to The Wonder Tooth Podcast"

    • Ome1234


    • Ome1234

      The best podcast of all time

    • Ome1234

      I love teeth cause of this podcast

    • Eric Barash

      Awesome as I just received your e-mail of the podcast launch and please let me know when I can post publicly promoting you.

      • drsaad

        Of course. Please promote it everywhere.
        Thank you so much!

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