Hi everyone, Today we will discuss what to expect at your first visit to the dentist and what is a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

You can go to the dentist, maybe for a limited exam for  toothache. But what is a comprehensive dental exam and what makes you feel that this dentist is actually going above and beyond what’s expected to reach out to the best and proper diagnosis of your teeth.

A dental exam is pretty important because it is visit where the dentist will assess a lot of your dental needs.

There are few steps involved: First of all, we check the medical history review. Check all your medications, allergies from any medications, past surgeries and current medications.

What is a Premedication? Who should take it, why and how often?

Second: Take few X-rays to investigate the current dental status and assess the bone health and check for any possible cavities,  cysts or infections. How often should we take X-rays?

Third: Extraoral exam, check the TMJ (tempromandibular joint), Sinuses, thyroid and any possible swollen lymph nodes

Fourth: Intraoral Exam,which includes oral cancer screening, then check the teeth from any clinical cavities, evaluate the existing restorations and do a comprehensive gum assessment.

Fifth: Take intraoral pictures for patient education.

Sixth: Treatment plan and How to prioritize the dental treatment?

Seventh: Regular cleaning versus a deep cleaning? Di I have gum disease? How to find out?

This is why:  it is important to have a comprehensive dental exam. This is to check for your teeth and gum health. Also, to check for the alignment of your jaw.

Next time, next episode, we’re gonna have a cardiologist to discuss the relationship between teeth and the heart.

If you have dental needs or questions, we will be happy to help you with all the technology that we have. Until then, have a great day and don’t forget if you take care of your teeth, they will take care of you. Until then, keep smiling with Dr. Saad. Have a great day everyone.

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